Are your teachers drowning in paperwork to make you compliant?

fastIEP eliminates paper and
makes compliance fun!

  • fastIEP is a platform for IEP data collection, progress monitoring, and compliant goal authoring.
  • It makes them so fast and painless, that teachers actually find compliance fun!
  • It’s teacher-focused, saves time, and auto-creates compliant reports that please parents.
  • It integrates with any IEP software or state systems you have.
  • fastIEP imports all your goals: no one does double work!

fastIEP improves student outcomes, teacher retention, IEP data, compliance, parent happiness, and equity:

Improve teacher retention by reducing teacher paperwork

  • Teachers log IEP data with a single click
  • Beautiful charts and IEP reports are auto-generated
  • See all students’ progress at a glance
  • Saves immense amounts of time
  • Happy teachers don’t leave!

Become compliant, without burdening teachers

  • fastIEP radically improves data collection
  • Guides best practices
  • Author new compliant S.M.A.R.T. goals in seconds
  • Or, adopt from 1000s in our goal & strategy banks
  • District Dashboard lets you catch red flags early
  • Digital audit trail – prevail in due process

Drive SDI with accurate progress monitoring

  • Collect accurate data anytime
  • Add optional narratives to datapoints
  • Link interventions to data and performance


“fastIEP is what I have been looking for for about 30 years”

Joanna Mock

Director of Student Services

“It has been the easiest program by far that we have ever used on this campus.”
“I never felt that kind of relief — that all documentation and data were collected”

Jennifer McMahon

Special Ed, Director

“Lifesaver! That’s the word I would use to describe fastIEP.

I tried to collect my own digital data with Google forms and Google sheets but it just never worked the way I wanted it to and I spent so much time on them every time a new IEP was created.

Thank you so much for creating this!”

Leonani Jussey-Abril

Special Ed. Teacher (IDEA Teacher Rep)

In case you were wondering …

  • The entire state of Hawaii has adopted fastIEP
  • YES, fastIEP integrates with your district software
  • If your teachers still use paper for data, you need fastIEP
  • In addition to our district partners, 19,000 teachers adopted fastIEP on their own time & money
  • Yours will view it as a gift (not an imposition or “one more thing” to learn)!
  • fastIEP obeys all data privacy laws
  • EASY to learn, Easy to use
  • You can buy fastIEP with ESSER or Title I – IV funds
  • It guides best practices; makes IEP reporting fun
  • Happy teachers don’t quit!
  • Don’t let another teacher leave behind their passion over paperwork

Some educators who brought you fastIEP

Dr. Ned T. Sahin (Ph.D.)

Founder and Inventor
Ph.D. in Neuroscience (Harvard)
M.S. in Brain & Cognitive Sciences (MIT)

Lorena Balderas (M.Ed.)

Customer Success Director
M.Ed. with Special Education concentration
SpEd Teacher (13 yrs)

Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh (M.D.)

Chief Medical Officer
Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
M.D. from Harvard Medical School

Dr. Neha Keshav (Ph.D.)

Chief of Staff
Ph.D. in Neuroscience (Autism focus)
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Dr. Val "Zorro" Rockwell (M.D.)

Senior Executive Strategist
Practicing Physician for 25 years
Devoted to Empowering Educators

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